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Being a third generation lawyer, the firm was established by my parents in the year 1959 in India. Thus the name- 'Madamser' was coined by my lawyer parents with 'Madam' symbolising my mother and 'ser' symbolising my lawyer father. My parents practised law successfully together for number of decades and were joined in the firm by my elder brother in the year 1989.

My elder brother is now in charge of the family law firm along with other associates who form part of the law offices in India.

I am also an internationally trained lawyer and have brought my skill and experience to Canada. I have been in the practice of law in Canada in the Province of Ontario for number of years in the field of Business and Commercial law including real estate, both commercial and residential, commercial leasing, franchising, commercial contracts, civil litigation, incorporations, wills and estate and intellectual property law including trademarks and copyrights.

I have been practising in the said fields of law starting as an Associate of a law firm and graduated to being a Partner of the said law firm for number of years before deciding that the time is ripe now to bring the family law firm name to Canadian shores in the firm established and managed by yours truly here in Canada with the ambition of achieving a breakthrough in the way law is practised here.

I am an accessible Toronto lawyer and believe in providing personal service to clients, catering to different needs and requirements of clients by customizing legal solutions accordingly. Easy to interact with, I treat clients with care and attention which maybe unprecedented in the legal profession. No day or time of day is bad for me to attend to client matters which are treated with kid gloves.



We service a vast diversity of clients ranging from individuals who may require our services singularly to businesses who like to use us as their regular and repeat legal advisors as also investors, both residents and non-residents of Canada as we service clients from overseas. We treat clients with respect and dignity that they deserve and often form a mutual admiration society with our clients. We truly believe it to be our honor to assist clients in their legal needs.


Once our clients retain us, our clients' worries become our worries. Retaining our services provides immediate relief to our clients from having to solve their legal problems on their own or with insufficient support. At MADAMSER we start with the very basics by asking simple questions to get to know the clients' needs so that we can offer the best solutions. We act diligently to take required action in a timely manner, assert our clients' rights to chart out the best course for our clients' matter in the short term as well as the long term.


The difference we bring to the practice of law is a culmination of our service to the clients and our approach which we endeavor to result in a positive experience for our clients. An accessible and hands on approach is the difference we aim for as we strongly believe that we are because of our clients.

Well-established law firm in the Greater Toronto Area



How to start

Do call our offices to have a brief discussion over the phone or you may schedule an appointment with us for a free 30 minute consultation. You may contact us at db@madamser.com or by calling us at:
+1 416 222 1 LAW (529)


Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

Who Are We

We are a cost effective boutique law firm located in the North York area. Our offices are easily accessible both by public transit and by private commute with free parking for clients while on the premises. We provide hands-on legal consultation to clients in and out of the courtroom. Our endeavor is to advise the clients in the best approach to take in civil matters towards achieving best possible results for the clients.

How We Work

We work with you firstly to try and understand the problem and then to brain storm with you on possible ways to achieve the desired results. We advise you on the relevant law and procedure keeping in mind your instructions to us and your requirements. We listen.... We answer your questions........ We work with you and for you.


Business and Commercial Law

Business and Commercial Law

Who Are We

We are a cost effective boutique law firm located in the North York area. Our offices are easily accessible both by public transit and by private commute with free parking for clients while on the premises. We provide hands-on legal consultation to clients in business and commercial matters. Our endeavor is to advise the clients in the best approach to take in such matters towards achieving best possible results for the clients.

What We Do

Whether it is reviewing and advising clients about a commercial lease, or reviewing franchise agreements, setting up a franchise, negotiating with a potential franchisor or franchisee, providing legal advise regarding setting up a business including incorporating a company, assisting clients in sale and purchase or refinancing of commercial properties, business loans, we handle it all at MADAMSER. Our clients are rest assured that our commitment to excellence means that all clients, small and big, receive the same level of advise, attention and are dealt with care by us.


Wills & Estate

Wills & Estate

Future Planning is the key to ensure peace of mind

We are here to help. Our clients who like to plan their lives and to have some control over their affairs approach us to seek legal advise to plan for their family's future. While no one can anticipate everything in life and after, there are some legal matters that can govern and keep things smooth after. We customize legal solutions according to individual client needs and prepare your Will and Powers of Attorneys for Property and for Personal Care. You instruct us in writing about the distribution of your assets after you and for managing your assets during your lifetime should you be not physically or mentally capable to do so yourself. Similarly, we act upon your instructions to prepare your Attorney to take care of your personal health and well being should you require same during your lifetime.

Sharing and Easing your Burden

Losing a loved one can be a traumatic experience which can leave you dealing with lot of issues. Having to administer the Estate of the deceased while grieving can be too overwhelming. We at MADAMSER assist you in Estate administration, probate, doing all legal paperwork necessary for the purpose while being aware and sensitive of your special requirements and situation and assist you in distribution of assets as required.

Estate Litigation

Should a situation arise which may lead to estate litigation, our firm provide legal consultation and representation in times of your emotional conflict with the least amount of inconvenience to you. Estate litigation often involves complex problems and you may often be faced with unclear situations. It is important during such times for you to have legal counsel whom you can trust and depend upon. We assist you by providing able legal consultation in such matters.


Trademarks & Copyrights

Trademarks & Copyrights

MADAMSER was originally established in India in the year 1959 and its founders (my parents, that is where the MADAM & SER come from) practised for many years almost exclusively in the field of Intellectual Property Law including Trade Marks & Copyrights before diversifying into other fields of law. We at MADAMSER LAW here in Canada with our offices in Toronto provide legal consultation to clients in the field of Intellectual Property Law including Trade Marks & Copyrights.

Intellectual Property practice involves searching and filing trademark, copyright and design applications for registration, advising clients on patents and their registrability, devising strategies for protection of intellectual property, licensing and extra-territorial registrations in different countries.

We also advise clients on prosecution of registered trademarks and patents and passing off matters. We deal with individuals starting or running small businesses as well as big corporate clients having numerous trade marks, copyrights and/or designs.

We also advise international clients on cross-border reputation of trademarks and on obtaining registration in India and other Asian, African and European countries thus creating world wide trademark portfolios, managing domain name registrations and dispute resolution.

Being a boutique law firm, we are easily accessible. You have our ears and we listen to you with patience and attention that you deserve.


Real Estate

Developing a deeper and more meaningful connection with consumers.

Purchase | Sale | Condo Assignment | New Home Purchases and the HST
Land Transfer Tax Calculator | Title Insurance | First Time Buyers


When you sell your home, your lawyer again ensures that you only provide the buyer with what you have agreed to provide and, most importantly, makes sure that funds are properly received before releasing the title deed of your property to the buyer. Your lawyer will also pay any outstanding mortgages and Real Estate Commission, deliver the keys, and notify the utility companies of the closing.

If you are selling before you buy, your lawyer will ensure that the funds from your sale are applied to your purchase. Also, if you are buying before you sell; your lawyer will handle the bridge loan.


Why do you need a Real Estate Lawyer when you buy or sell your home?
Most people are aware of the need for a Real Estate Lawyer when buying or selling a home but are not sure what the lawyer does in the transaction. We hope to clarify this and help you make an informed decision when choosing a lawyer.



178 Willowdale Avenue

+1 416 222 1 LAW (529)


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178 Willowdale Ave. Toronto, ON.
+1 416 222 1 LAW (529)
(FAX) +1 416 221 FAX 1 (3291)
(FAX) +1 855 221 2157

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Dheeraj Bhatia

诉讼律师 & 事务律师

178 Willowdale Ave. Toronto, ON.
+1 416 222 1 LAW (529)
(FAX) +1 416 221 FAX 1 (3291)
(FAX) +1 855 221 2157



我的家族是典型的律师之家,整整三代都为“律师”这个职业奉献着自己。早在1959年,我的父母在印度就建立起了这家名为 “MADAMSER LAW” 的律师事务所。 其中“Madam”代表我的母亲,而“Ser”代表着我那位资深的律师父亲。父母二人在过去的几十年里,成功的在印度法律界开创了一片属于我们家族的天地。而在1989年,我的哥哥也从这家事务所开启了他的律师生涯。如今,哥哥在印度与其他法律工作人员一起,共同管理着家族的法律事务所。

与众多在法律领域奋斗的家族成员一样,我也是一名接受过专业国际训练的律师。多年前,我带着专业技能和丰富经验不远万里来到加拿大。在加这几十年中, 我运用各类法律知识,在各个领域中均有所斩获:房地产(商业及民用住房)、 商业租赁、商业代理、商业合同、民事诉讼、注册公司、遗产和文化产业法,以及注册商标和版权等等。

回望一路的成长经历,从一名受雇律师到合伙律师,我不断地积累与更新着上所领域的法律经验。 当我发现自己已具备背负家族法律事务所名字,并将它带到加拿大的时候,怀揣着雄心壮志,我义无反顾地一手创建起这家传承家族名号的法律事务所。我渴盼在这里打破原有的市场成规,开创一片属于个人的天地。

我是一位以民为本的律师,工作信念即是给客户提供最专属的服务。针对客户的不同需求,提供专业的对应与解决方案。我平易近人,工作专业专注,乐于倾听善于沟通,对客户时刻充满着诚挚的关心... 这些都是我在“法律”这个看似冰冷的行业内的巨大优势。




一旦客户选择与MADAMSER长期合作,客户的担忧即成为我们的担忧。始终保持专业服务的一贯性,可最大限度的缓解客户的忧虑。在MADAMSER LAW,任何委托都从基础开始,通过详尽的各类问题来充分了解客户的需求,以便我们行使最佳的解决方案。我们努力提供最及时最必要的行动,无论是短期或长期案例,均致力于为客户制定最适合他们的法律方案。





欢迎随时致电MADAMSER:+1 416 222 1 LAW (529),精简地告诉我们实际情况。或者您可以与我们预约30分钟的免费咨询。邮箱地址为:db@madamser.com


















MADAMSER最初于1959年在印度成立,其创始人(我的父母,这是 “MADAM”&“SER” 的由来)在包括商标和版权在内的知识产权领域工作多年。从这起步之后,再延伸到其他更加多元的法律领域之中。如今在加拿大的MADAMSER LAW 事务所,我们同样为客户在商标与版权等知识产权领域中提供专业且资深的法律咨询。





涉猎各个关于房地产法律服务:购买、出售、地产保险、公寓作业、土地出让税计算、首次购业买家法律咨询与援助 等等。与大众及特殊消费者建立更深入,更有价值的合作关系。





一个常见的问题:“当您买卖房子的时候,您为什么需要房地产律师?” 大多数人都知道在购买或出售房屋时需要聘请房地产律师,但却不明白律师在交易中的真正作用。在MADAMSER,我们会用实际服务向您清晰解释这个惯有疑问,并帮助您在选择时做出更明智的决定

注:如有普通话需要,请跟办公室的Liz Xiang联系。电话Ext.213 或邮件:Liz@madamser.com


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